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Basic Obedience

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Basic Obedience Program

Recommended for Dogs 3 to 6 months (some breeds required to be older then others).  THIS IS A BOARD AND TRAIN PROGRAM WITH A ESTIMATED DURATION BETWEEN 15 TO 20 DAYS.


  • Commands (on leash)
  • No biting / no jumping
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Sit / Stay
  • Down
  • Down / Stay
  • Come
  • Crate (Go to bed/room/cage)
  • NO!
  • Place

Breed Conditions

The price for the following breeds may vary :

Little girl holding dog snack food and training her dog to sit at home
what we do

Why to Chose us ?

Some owners and even some canine trainers do not have the experience to understand exactly how to change a dog’s behavior because they see the dog as a little furry human instead of a canine animal. You must consider the dog’s instincts and the effects that not satisfying them will have on the dog’s behavior. Suppose you had a pet snake, you would more likely see the snake as the animal it is and try and give it what it instinctively needs.One example is some kind of  hut to hide under, as apposed to a twin size bed. Many people humanize their dogs and perceive them as having human tendencies. When doing so, the dog suffers because he does not get his instinctual needs met. In most cases , when you treat a dog like a human, they will treat you like a dog.
Here at The K9 Training Academy, we take dog training seriously. It is common for a dog owner or a canine trainer to address each individual behavior one at a time instead of looking into the why the behavior is happening. Often there are usually deeper rooted issues which are causing the dog to do the bad behavior. Usually its instincts are not being met. When the dog owner satisfies these missing instincts the behavior issues disappear on their own. For example, one friend who was having issues with her dog found that the peeing on the floor and barking at her while she was getting her daughter ready for school completely stopped on its own when she started making the dog heel on the leash and began to show the dog leadership.


Board & Train Available For South FL & Central Florida (Approximately 15 Day camp )


Private Lessons in South & Central Florida (5 lessons at our facility)
* For 1 hour sessions
* ONE ON ONE lessons with a trainer
* Dogs 3 months old and up


Virtual Online Lessons
* ZOOM, OR FACETIME INSTRUCTION * ONE ON ONE lessons with the trainer * (35 to 45 min per session)